Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Second Opinion

If you're one of those lucky people out there who are building, renovating or just doing a little sprucing up and haven't been working with a decorator, I'm sure you've been poring over samples, magazines, and pinterest stressing about what's right for your home.  You've got your ideas together and think you've got it right but you're a little nervous. 

What if the tile you're choosing turns out to be too busy with your countert tops?  Or not interesting enough?  Or your floor tile ends up looking yellow next to your cabinets?  

Source: 123rf.com via Kirsten on Pinterest

What if the neutral beige carpet you choose turns out looking pinky with the rest of the colors?

Source: houzz.com via Kirsten on Pinterest

 Or your bathroom looks like a black hole because you went with the dark cabinets, floors and counter tops because they all 'matched', right?

Sometimes before you make your final decision and spend all the money to buy it and have it installed, it might be nice to get a second opinion.  A couple of hours with a decorator to confirm your choices or give you some advice on how to make the right choice might save you thousands of dollars on fixing the problem.  Or possibly save you years of dissatisfaction when you look at the laminate floors that just don't quite go with the adjoining kitchen tile.

If you're intersted in a consultation to get some advice or confirm your choices email me at realinteriors@hotmail.com

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