Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Going Places Bedroom

I just finished up the last room for my portfolio!  And here it is!  The adorable little boy who lives in this bedroom will be turning two right away so we wanted something that was fun for him now but will grow with him too.  He loves his tractors so we really wanted to work some green into the color scheme.  Mom also had some really cute paintings with saying about aiming for the stars and the places he could go, so we really wanted to work them in too.  When I found fabric full of vintage cars, trucks and motorcylces with all our colors, "going places" became a bit of a theme.

So here are a couple of before shots. 

Sorry they are a bit dark and the colors aren't quite right.  It's been pretty rainy and overcast here the last few days, plus my camera is terrrible in low light :(   but here are some afters! :D

I can't believe this busy mom spent hours painting that striped wall!  It turned out awesome!!


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