Sunday, 14 October 2012

Living Room Reveal

My clients are recently retired and spending more time at home so they decided it was time to update a few things. 
They asked me to help them make the room feel a bit more current and finished but I also noticed the room really wasn't a reflection of them or their lifestyle.  They're a very vibrant and active couple who like to entertain a lot.  However, their living room was feeling a tad dull.  All the furniture was pushed against the walls fairly far apart, which wasn't condusive to comfortable conversation when entertaining. 
When you come into the house you see right through the kitchen and dining room to the far wall of the living room, so the first thing you saw was a pair of huge cabinets and the tv.  Not a great focal point.
They were very excited to change that view, so we played with the floorplan a bit and came up with this.

( The lighter wall color doesn't look quite right in this picture, it's a lighter tone of the darker one,  We actually worked with the existing colors )
I wanted a focal point on the far wall to create more interesting sight lines from the other rooms and entrance.  We moved the tv into the corner where the recliner had been and put the couch on the far wall.  They are very proud parents and grandparents so I thought a collage of images they've taken of their family would be the perfect focal point for over the couch.
We arranged the furniture to allow for easy conversation and brought in a rug to help the pieces feel pulled together.  The rug helped warm up the space a bit but adding some cushions really made a huge difference.  The orange instantly warmed the room creating a much cozier atmosphere and added a ton of color and vibrancy that really reflected the clients personalities.
We also changed out the vertical blinds with gorgeous rolling shades and finished the look with coordinating curtains.  That alone made the room feel updated.
As you can see the man of the house didn't want to part with his lazy boy.  But we made it work!  We did look into reupholstery but it just wasn't in the budget right now (it may have actually been less expensive to buy a new one, eek).
Overall I'm very pleased with the final product and so were they.  It is such a comfortable space and really feels like them now, which is one of the most imporant things when designing a room for a client.
One more before and after.



  1. OMY That is amazing - great job!!!


  2. Me too. Looks great! it looks so warm and cozy :)