Thursday, 25 October 2012

Common Decorating Mistake - Hanging Artwork Too High


This is a really common mistake that I see all the time.  I'm not sure why we do it?  Maybe we think you won't be able to see it unless it's up high?  If that's the case, the opposite is true.  When we hang art and accessories too high, it actually makes it more difficult and uncomfortable to look at.  You have to look up to see it and visually it makes the room uncomfortable.  It breaks the rooms flow because your art feels detached from the lower half of the room.

The ideal height to hang artwork or accessories is so the center point is 57" off the floor.  There are of course exceptions but generally speaking that is the most comfortable viewing height.  It's standard gallery height and apparently represents the average.

1. Take the height of your artwork and divide it by 2 (ex. 24"/2=12")
2.Measure from the top of the piece to the top of the stretched wire or hook. (2")
3.Subtract the last amount from the first (12"-2"=10")
4. Add 57" to this last amount and lightly mark on the wall (57"+10"=67")
5.  Hang your hook or nail at this height and the center of your artwork will be at 57"
If you're doing a gallery wall then the center of your grouping should still be 57 inches high.  Arrange your collection on the floor or a table spaced how you would like and measure the group as a whole to find your center point.  It takes a bit of math but you'll have everything at a comfortable viewing height in the end, so everyone will be able to appreciate it!

Another benefit to this is you don't need to figure out how to line up your art that's different sizes (tops the same height or bottoms?)  All of your art will be hung at the same center point and will flow visually.

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