Friday, 19 October 2012

The Decorating Order

I find lots of people I talk to seem to be quite frustrated with their home because they just can't seem to get the look they want.
 They see a show on tv that says some new cushions or a coat of paint will completely change the look of their room, so they run out and buy them but are frustrated when they get home and it doesn't look nearly as good as the tv.  Why doesn't it work for them? 

They are working in the wrong order.

The first step in decorating should be evaluting your room.  What do you use the room for, how do you want it to feel, what do you need in here, what do you love in here, hate in here, what features are making the room look dated or worn.  Once you've answer questions like these it will be easier to take stock of what needs to stay and go from the room.

Second is to figure out an initial floorplan.  Usually adding your largest piece first and working to the smallest is the easiest method. 

Next is your color scheme.  Do you have one?  Does it work with the your furniture and fixed elements in the room?  Does it flow with adjacent rooms?  Your color scheme will determine the mood of your room and how you and your guest will feel in the room.  A common mistake is to choose a paint color you like at the store and try to decorate around it.  Paint should be one of the last choices in your color scheme.  It is much easier to choose from one of the bazillion paint colors than to try and find a perfect sofa to match your paint. 

Southwest living room


Last is accessorizing.  Once you have your color scheme and placed all of your furniture in its new home you will find the last step much easier.  You will be able to see how much space there is on that wall and where you need to add a bit of color or texture to make the room feel pulled together.

Next time you're watching one of those shows notice that they are usually working from the middle forward.  They already have a clean, updated neutral shell where all they are doing is clearing out some old accessories and adding some new ones.  Once you have a functional floorplan and updated neutral furnishings you can switch your look quickly with a few pillows and some paint too.
So stop putting lipstick on a pig and invest some of the money you spend on new accessories every couple of months on starting from the beginning so you can finally get the look you really wanted all along!

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