Monday, 1 October 2012

Ryan's Room

It was a very long weekend but we managed to pull this one off.  After arranging for the kids to visit grandma and grandpa for a couple of nights we set to work.  There was a lot of pine panelling and trim that needed to be sanded and painted, as well as the walls and some new flooring to install.  We also painted a few pieces of furniture, sewed some cushions and shortened some curtain panels.

So here are the befores, because it's always fun to see a good before and after!

And the afters!
Just about all of the accessories were already owned, with a little arranging they looked much more appealing.

Grandma found the desk at a yard sale and gifted it to him, so it was free! Just needed a coat of paint.  The chair is a really cute personalized gift his grandparents had made when he was born and happened to fit perfect!  The canvas is some of his original art work.

He loves to read so we really wanted a comfy bench to fill the space under the window and give him a spot to hang  out with a book!
The reading bench was an old coffee table we sanded and painted.  The large cushion was for one of those deck swings ($5) that we recovered. The pillow forms were a great find at $2 each and the fabric for all of them cost around $15.  Add a few dollars for paint and it probably only cost about $29 total!!!

The dresser is wood but had a plasticy laminated finish on it.  After some research we decided it was paintable.  It was saved just before it went in the garbage so it was free and the paint was some leftover from another project, so $0 for this one!
This view is a little dark but show the same angle as the before picture.  No more panelling!!! :D

We're just waiting on a "Bucky" the deer to fill the space over the bed then the room will be complete!
We got lucky on the budget, since so much of the furniture was hand-me-downs, free or existing items that got a sprucing up with some paint.  Besides paint, flooring and a couple of accessories, like Bucky, just about everything was already owned and just got moved around a bit.
Floors about $200. 
Paint, primer, sanding disks etc. $90. 
Bucky $40.
Fabrics, and curtain rods $55. 
All the labor was done by family, so it was free!!  
The total makeover budget for this bedroom was roughly $385. 
Not too shabby!

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