Friday, 14 September 2012

Yellow, Black and White Nursery

When one of my best friends expressed she would like some help with her nursery last year,  I of course was really excited. This was my first project out of my own home and it would be such a special project too!  They had painted the room yellow when they moved in and she really want to work with what was already in there for colors and trim, etc., as well as the white nursery set they already owned. I wanted to keep the budget as low as possible since there was an upcoming mat leave, which I know first hand can be a challenge financially.  So it was actually beneficial to the budget that she was happy to work with a lot of the existing elements. The other challenge was daddy really doesn't like the overly frilly, pink, or girly look.  So we wanted it to be feminine but not over the top.  We pretty quickly  decided black and white accents were what we wanted to work with.  I thought it best to keep the colours simple, since it's a pretty cozy size.

This was the moodboard I made for her.  While I didn't end up using every element on the board it gave us a really great jumping off point and we tweaked things as we went.  We saved a lot of money by ordering fabric and making our own curtains, bedding, cushions, and change pad cover. Mommy painted a lovely rocker her mom had bought her at a yard sale.  I also DIY'd the artwork to save a few dollars.  The 'button N canvas' was a little gift I added after the beautiful little lady arrived!  I'm very pleased with the results, especially for the budget I wanted to work with!  Sorry they are a little dark but that's perfect for a napping baby!

I feel very honored that I got to help put together beautiful baby N's room!  

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