Saturday, 8 September 2012

Neutrals with Navy and Coral Master

I've been planning our master bedroom for quite some time.  I seem to decide what I want to do then it gets set to the back burner until I see another great inspiration picture(s) and change my mind.  So here is my latest idea of what I'd like. 

Master Bedroom

Mostly neutral with just a few cushions and a rug to add a touch of color that can be easily changed to any combination.  Really I think of navy as a neutral too since you can pair it with almost anything.


Navy with turquiose


Navy and Green

Navy and Orange

Navy and Gold/Yellow
Just to name a few!  So I'm pretty in love with navy these days. It's so versatile and as you can see it's everywhere!  So why not in my bedroom too?  And I think the tiny touch of coral keeps it feminine and so easy to change out if I get tired of it because it's only a couple of cushions.  I love rooms like that, that can be so easily changed.

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