Sunday, 16 September 2012

Classic Bathroom

I was recently reading one of my favorite blogs House Tweaking and she was featuring a house tour of a charming Victorian shotgun cottage in New Orleans.  I completely loved the entire tour but especially loved the bathrooms.  It really made me wish I could redo my own bathroom!  It's original to the 50's, with minty green and black glass tile on all the walls and the ceiling.  While super practical (and I do know mint green is in) it is really showing it's age and could use an appointment with a good demo crew.  Someday...sigh.
So anyways, I frequently think about what I would want in my dream bathroom and these ones had a lot of my personal list.  I want something that once I have invested several thousands of dollars in doing, will stand the test of time and can be easily reaccessorised.

It's charming and classic, but still feel modern and clean.  A perfect balance!  I love these floor tiles!  And I would most likely replace my current pedestal (despite it's wonderful cracks) with something very similar to this.  I love it's clean lines!  High white baseboards and an adorable medicine cabinet round out the more permanent elements of the room.  The industrial lighting, soft wall color, modern art and other decorative accents could so easily be changed out for not a lot of money as trends change.  Those are the things that help keep the modern feel in the classic room.  Isn't that the perfect table for that area.  So pretty!

They continued the floor tile, a similar pedestal sink and grey and white color scheme in the master bath.  They added beadboard for some architectural interest which I really like.  I think I would do the same thing with some white subway tile for my bathroom.  I love the shaving mirrors mounted beside the medicine cabinets too!  My grandma and grandpa had one in their bathroom when I was a kid and I still love them.

The master is also the laundry room (wouldn't that be handy!) and as you can see at this angle they have some great subway tile in the shower!  I love the cottagy feel but with a few simple changes it could go a totally different direction.  Change the cafe style curtains for more modern roller shades or add some great interest with beautiful fabric romans.  Take the baskets out from above the washer and dryer and add some industrial metal bins, glass containers, or whatever.  The point is the difficult and expensive to change elements are classic and neutral! You could do a complete makeover of the room in a day or two for a very minimal budget, if you wanted a change down the road. The epitome of perfect bathroom for me!  I can't see wanting to make many changes to these beauties anytime soon though!


  1. Your blog looks great. I will definately add it to my daily blog visit list. Congrats.
    Thanks for the great write up about my bathroom renovations. I wanted them to be reflective of the house, but not to "cottagy" that even a word?! Anyway, I was mindful to keep the wall colors and flooring really neutral in the entire house so I had plenty of room to play with accessories. That way, like you said any room of our house can be easily transformed just my changing out pillows, lighting, towels, rugs, etc.
    Dana, from House*Tweaking might be posting some before pics for everyone's viewing pleasure! That way you can see what we started out with! Yikes. So, keep an eye out.

  2. Thanks so much for checking me out! I'm slowly working through my fixer upper, we've been here 2 years and all of that was being a stay at home mom, so there hasn't been a pile of progress. I'm in the process of starting an interior decorating business, as you can see. Hopefully I'll have some budget to start really making it my style, which is fairly similar to yours by the looks of it. And my motto is keep the big stuff mainly neutral and classic and have a blast with the accessories!
    I love how you stayed true to the "cottagy" (not sure if that's a word either but I use it, lol) style of the house like you mentioned but also really added a modern and fresh feeling!
    I can't wait to see some before pictures, there's nothing better than a good before and after!! Thanks again!!!