Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Accessible Design

I really believe that a beautiful room can be achieved at nearly any price point with a little shopping around and creativity! To prove that, here is a living room board that includes all the main pieces plus a few accessories that comes in at a mere total of $1475!

Living room


Couch - $700, Chair - $150, Rug - $289, Coffee table - $50, Side table - $115,
 Lamp - $50, Starburst mirror - $76, Cushions - $45 = Total $1475
Might even be enough left over to do another room?!



  1. Wow, this really does put things in perspective! I like the pieces my husband and I have right now, but sometimes I wonder what a designer would say or how she might pull the room together better. Good to know it might not break the bank to try one day!

  2. It really doesn't have to Becca! There is so much reasonably priced but still stylish stuff out there! Thanks for checking me out! I'm still in the process of setting up but if 'one day' you do want some help, feel free to check out my online moodboard design! Thanks again!