Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Style with Kids Part 1: Storage

I think one of the most important ways to keep your style with kids in the house, is storage!  How is storage stylish?  Storage will not only keep your decor the focus (instead of the piles of toys everywhere) but can also add to the look of your decor itself.

I loved this book as a kid!  It totally appealed to my Type A tendencies.  At the end they had their closet stacked full of labeled boxes of toys and puzzles.

 When the kids have gone to bed or we have company over for a visit there is nothing less enjoyable for me than staring at a floor full of toys.  During the day they can drag out the toys and play all they like in the middle of the floor but in the evening before bathtime we do an end of day clean up.  All the toys go back where they belong and the house looks tidy and like an adult space not a toys 'r us. Really we do several clean ups throughout the day (usually before we eat) so it doesn't become a monumental task at the end of the day.

The easiest way to keep that up is if you have places to put everything.  Most of my kids toys belong in their rooms but I did make sure there is storage in the livingroom for some of the toys, puzzles and books they use a lot.  That way it's quick and easy to put them away. 


Source: houzz.com via Kirsten on Pinterest

I love this wall length set of drawers.  So much storage!  Who know's what's in there?  Coloring books, stuffed toys, puzzles?  And the room looks so clean and neat because they have a spot to put everything!
I repurposed a dresser as my tv console.  It has enough drawers to hold most of our movies and lots of toys so the kids can just grab what they want and throw it back in when they're done.  I love it because when the drawers are closed it's clean and neat and you'd never know it's crammed full of stuff.  You can often pick up a good quality dresser or console for not a lot on craigslist, swap n' shop or from a second hand store. 

There are some other great double duty furniture options out there.  Ottomans you can open up are fantastic and the soft corners are another bonus for kids!  Double duty  storage pieces are a must when space is an issue.  They are items you would have anyways, why not be able to throw your kids stuff in them too.

Cubes are also available for smaller spaces and if they are sturdy enough they can be pulled around the coffee table on games night for extra seating.

Toy boxes don't have to be covered in teddy bears and footballs.  You'd never know these were filled with toys when tucked nicely under the tv console.


Source: google.ca via Kirsten on Pinterest

Add some texture with this huge woven ottoman.

Source: houzz.com via Kirsten on Pinterest

Built ins are a fantastic storage options if you have the space and money to put them in.  Look at all those doors to hide stuff behind!

I love the closed storage on the bottom for the kids and open shelving on top for displaying breakables you don't want within reach of little fingers.

Most of these options are for your living room or family room but built ins or consoles could also be used in the dining room if that's where you had room.   
If you've already added some of these and still don't have enough storage in the "shared" areas of the house, you can still make it easy to clean up.

I love these toy boxes on wheels!  I actually requested these as Christmas gifts for my kids this year.  They can wheel out their box, unload it, play, load it back up and wheel back to their room at the end of the day. 

Having a place to put things  and making clean up easy for kids (and less of a fight for you) will help keep your decor the focus and the space more enjoyable for everyone!

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