Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chair Recovered

I had been thinking about getting a pair of chairs to flank my fireplace when we eventually mount the tv over it.  Since what I had my eye on wasn't at all in my budget right now, I jumped at an inexpensive stand in when it came up.

I got two of these chairs for cheap...$10 right in my budget!  They were simple, sturdy, comfortable, and I liked that they were kind of mid century modern which is the era my house was built in so I thought they'd fit the style.

Here's a couple of before and after shots!

And After

I'll hopefully get a tutorial up in the next couple of day.  I've been very busy with clients and life these days so the blog has been a little neglected, sorry!  I've also been working on a little makeover for my living room so most of my "free time" has been going into that.  But on the bright side I'll have some new pictures and maybe a couple of tutorial posts from it soon!  Stay tuned!

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