Thursday, 28 March 2013

Not so Neutral Neutrals

Wow it's been crazy around here!  SO this will be a quick post on something I've noticed on several projects lately.  I wonder if maybe you have too at some point but couldn't put your finger on it.
You walk into a newly built house or a new renovated space and think, this is nice enough but something isn't quite right.  You just can't put your finger on it.  Some how things don't quite flow together.

If you've felt this way then there's a good chance that space had conflicting neutrals. 
But aren't neutrals neutral?  Yes and no.  Black, white, grey, and brown are supposed to be neutral but there's kind of a catch. 

You choose a beige sofa, chairs, walls, and rug, altogether they should create a nice neutral backdrop, right?  Not necessarily.  This picture is a prime example.  While it's definitely not the ugliest room ever, it definitely feels "off".

Unless a neutral is in it's basest form they have added other colours to it.  So why is that a problem and why does it look off?  Conflicting undertones.

For example beige comes in several undertones.  You may have chosen some nice brown/beige tile for your backsplash and decided to keep things neutral you'd go with a beige wall colour too.  But when you get it up there it just doesn't look right. The wall colour looks blah.  Is something wrong with the paint?
Most likely it's because your tiles are yellow beige and your walls are pink beige.  Pink beige will look dirty next to yellow beige.

Just check out this paint chip.  A light brown/beige (Lennox Tan BM).

When you put it next to a yellow beige...kinda dirty and blah.
 You can see the same thing with these couches and chairs.  The pinky beige sofas looks kind of dull next to the yellow beige chairs.

The same thing will happen with your finishes.

So when you're picking finshes please keep undertones in mind.  Just because you're picking all brown or gray stuff it won't aways go together.

If you're picking finishes and on the fence about hiring a decorator, just remember a consultation or two with me is much cheaper than ripping out and replacing flooring or furniture that looks off in your room.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!!!

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