Monday, 21 January 2013

Gallery Wall

I mentioned I was working on a gallery wall for my living room.  I've been a little slow in getting it together but it's as complete as it's going to get for now (I can't guarantee I won't tweak it in the future, cuz that's just me).  So I'm sharing the pics I promised!

I have a few projects planned for my living room but I'm waiting for a bit more budget before I start and most of the other projects are waiting on the ones that are waiting on budget,lol.  So the living room is in a bit of a transition right now.  I really made this gallery wall to fill the wall that had the tv before.  The tv is now on the wall beside the fireplace, until I get the mirror removed from above the fireplace, build a mantle and mount the tv over the fireplace.  And that's just one of several projects in waiting, so you get a sense of what I mean by in transition.  Because this gallery wall is just a filler until I get all the other projects done I wanted to spend as little as possible.

Most of the items I used were things I already had.  The large canvas was one I had in my basement storage.  It was painted in colour blocks before.  I had used it in a different house but it didn't really work in here.  I spent an hour one evening repainting it as an abstract in colours that go with the living room.  Cost was nothing!
The white frames were from a garage sale freebie pile last summer.  They were golden oak before so I gave them a couple of coats of my trim colour. They also cost me nothing!

The framed pictures were just family pictures from around the house.  Also cost me nothing!
The canvas painting of the beach scene was a souvenir from a trip to Cuba many years ago.  I've always loved the colours in it and thought they worked well here.  Cost? Zippo!
The chalk board canvas was a canvas from the dollar store ($2) and I bought a small tub of chalk board from Walmart ($8).  I just used a small amount of the paint, probably a dollars worth, so I still have lots left for other little projects down the road.  So if you count the whole tub of paint it cost $10 total if you just counted what I used it was really only about $3 of materials.
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If you can't read my chalk board and curious, it's a saying I found on pinterest.
'It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.' 
We've been trying to practice thankfulness lately so it was fitting.   I'm looking forward to changing it out whenever I want.  I'll definitely be putting up a sweet saying with some cute hearts for Valentines in a few weeks!
As a place filler till the other projects start happening, I think it turned out pretty well and only cost a few bucks.
And just ignore the programable thermostat that's stuck in there.  Like I said it's just a temporary solution, so I'm choosing to pretend it isn't there ;)
What do you think of my place filler gallery?

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