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21 Super Simple, Inexpensive and Chic DIY Decor Ideas

Whenever possible I like to DIY projects for my own home because I can customize it to fit my decor and as a bonus it's typically less expensive.  I've even used a few of these for clients to save on the budget.  And really, why not save money where you can?  I've been collecting quite a few DIY decor items on pinterest and thought I would share a few of my favorites here.  Most of these are super easy, inexpensive and pretty darn chic (in my opinion)!

 Inexpensive DIY Office Decor:

Painted corkboard. This would be a quick and easy project with four dollar store cork tiles, some painters tape and a bottle of craft paint or your leftover wall colour.

A frame and a piece of trendy fabric or scrapbooking paper makes an easy dry erase board for your desk, countertop or wall.  And as a bonus you can change it out for pennies when you get board with your background.   It would be a cute way to leave your spouse love notes on their bedside table!

Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest

Animal figures are a huge trend right now.  I love these turquoise dog bookends.  Plastic dollar store toys on wood block and painted one colour.  Quick and easy way get in on the trend but you don't have to feel bad if you want to get rid of them next year.  These would be adorable in a kids room or as a whimsical touch for your office.

Kitchen Decor:

Frame your mom or grandma's handwritten recipes for you kitchen walls.  I think this is such a sweet and idea and I plan on doing this as soon as I can get my mom to give some of them up!

This would help organize your shopping lists, invitations, to dos, etc. in your kitchen or office.  If you're someone you doesn't like haning things on your fridge you could tuck this inside your pantry or a less seen area of your kitchen to help keep the papers off the counters.

Have a six pack box leftover from the weekend?  Cover it with come cute fabric or paper and turn it into a chic caddie for your countertop or desk to organize all the tools you use often.

Everyone seems to have a good quality camera these days.  Take some close up shots and turn them into original photography for your walls.  I'm picturing close ups of food (apples, dry macaroni, spinach leaves, etc.) for a personal touch in your kitchen.

Living Space Decor:

If you're into the faux taxidermy trend you'll enjoy this deer head silhouette.  I believe they used a projector to make this one but you could print a picture you like, cut it out with an exacto blade, then trace around it and paint it with a small art brush.  It might be a bit time consuming but chances are a picture like this would cost you a pretty penny in a decor shop when you could make it for a couple of dollars! *Tip check out Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Dollarama for inexpensive canvas'.

Make your own picture canvas gallery wall for less than the price of ordering one from Walmart.  In this one they use actual pictures.  I have done this using blown up black and white pictures printed at Staples and I was quite pleased with the result.  I believe the whole gallery wall cost around $50 and  I think the starting price for getting one canvas from Walmart is $80.

I don't love this particular fabric but appreciate the idea.  Fabric streched and stapled over a canvas would be a really easy project you could probably do in 20 minutes.

Personalizing your space is really popular these days and I think this is a fun idea for any room in the house.  Frame maps of places you've lived, vacationed, where your all your kids live, etc.

If you have some old frames laying around, or if you like to garage sale or thrift you can pick some up pretty quick for cheap.  Paint them all one colour for a graphic art instalment.  Here they've added some letters that you can pick up in the Walmart craft section or dollar store.

This starburst mirror was made of shims used by contractors when installing doors and windows.  You can purches big bags of them at hardware stores like Home Depot for pretty inexpensive.

Stencil a plain cushion cover with a favorite poem, saying, names, significant dates, marriage vows (possibilities are endless really) using stencils you can purchase at the dollar store or craft store.  I really love personalized decor items if you haven't noticed.

Bedroom Decor:

As you can see this cute mirror is made of plastic spoons (sans handles and painted).  I imagine this one would be a tad tedious but would probably be far cheaper than buying something comparable.  It would be pretty over a bed.

Using a round balloon, decoupage, an inexpensive light kit and granny's old doillies you can make a really pretty light fixture.  I imagine this in a little girls bedroom as a chandelier.  It would make gorgeous patterns on the ceiling and walls!!

This would make your chairs nicer for any room you needed them but this particular picture made me think it would be a perfect desk chair for a teenagers room.  Or they're so cute you could use it as a dual purpose side table and chair for a guest room.  An hour, a can of spray paint and some fabric is all this project would take!

This sweet ruffled pillow is made from a t-shirt!  This does require sewing but if you're a sewer it would be a pretty simple project (apparently it's suitable for beginners, but I still need to try this one out) .

Cabin Chic Decor:

These painted soup cans turn into pretty candle holders for the deck or cabin by punching holes with a nail and a hammer.  That simple.

Find some sticks in your yard and create a wreath for your door or wall.

If you happen to have a house or cabin at the lake (which is pretty common around here) collect driftwood off the beach and create a collage. I think this is so beautiful! 

Hope you're inspired to do some DIY!

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*FYI in case you didn't figure out, you can click on the image or link underneath to view projects on pinterest and get to the original directions.

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