Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Breakfast Nook on a Budget - Spring Inspired

Since the groundhog said it would be an early spring, and it's such a gorgeous day out there, I felt like doing something fun, bright, and inpired by the (hopefully) soon to be here spring season. 
I have a breakfast nook that's looking pretty sad right now.  Actually my entire kitchen is, but that's a whole other post.  Anyways, we tend to eat there more in the spring and summer for some reason, so I thought I'd give it an imaginary makeover for a spring time breakfast!

So here is my spring inspired breakfast nook on a budget!

Spring time breakfast nook

1. Chairs - both from Ikea 2@$60 and 2@$80    2. Rug - RugsUSA $130 (50% off)  3. Table -Walmart $150  4. Bowls -Target $10 (set of 4)     5. Coffee Press - Target $19     6. Fabric for napkins and runner - Fabric.com $11/y   7. Dishes - Target $35/set       8. Toast Rack - Amazon.com $10      
9. Flatware - Target $30/set
= a total of $675 for my spring inspired makeover
I decided to go with two different styles of chairs, it lends a more collected and casual feel.  I liked the modern style of the white chair and the warmth and texture of the woven one.  I think they pair nicely. 
The table is super simple and clean lined.  So it goes well with the modern chairs but I like the dark colour to help ground the space and the light colourful dishes would pop on it.
The rug is just sooo fun!  The colour and pattern are great and as a bonus it's polyester so it should clean up fairly easily.
I couldn't find any cute table linens I liked in my price range so instead I found a yard of fun indoor outdoor fabric to make into napkins and a small runner.  Being indoor/outdoor fabric they will clean very easily but still be soft enough to feel nice.
The dishes, flatware and coffee press are all from target so of course they are reasonably priced.  I love the bright colours of the dishes! And the coffee press and flatware are both simple and clean lined in keeping with the modern elements.
I think a toast rack is really cute!  I don't own one...yet.  But if you're someone who likes to do a big weekend breakfast it would make your table feel just a bit more special.
And to finish off the table just add some tulips from your spring garden! Ah, can't wait for spring!!!
The whole nook furnished and table set for $675 sound pretty good to me! 
Anyone else getting excited for spring??

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