Friday, 22 February 2013

Black and White Rooms

I find I've been attracted to really dark wall colours lately and on that note I've been contemplating a change for my living room. 

I really like the colour of the dark blue feature wall that's in there but I've had the blue grey that was on the rest of the walls for awhile and I'm ready for a change.

 Plus when we mount the tv above the fireplace it leaves the feature wall in the wrong spot.  I'd be highlighting a wall that really isn't where the focus of the room is.

So if I don't change my mind before I get a chance to do the painting ;)  Then I'm thinking the fireplace wall will become the feature wall in a dark charcoal.  I'll keep the fireplace, trim, and built ins all the white they already are and probably do the rest of the walls white to balance the dark. I've also noticed a lot of my pins lately have bright white walls (white walls are popular again!). 

I love the black and white with a hit of a warm wood or leather and I think my orange brown sofas would look really nice with the white and charcoal.  I scored a couple of metal frame chairs to recover for either side of the fireplace for dirt cheap so I need to pick some fabric too!

Here's a few of my charcoal/black and white pins that are my inspiration!



Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest

Anyone else enjoying the classic black and white scheme lately?

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