Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Staging; Not Just for Resale!

If you watch much HGTV then you probably know what staging is. For anyone out there that isn't familiar, it's the process of rearranging and basically setting the stage so your home is shown in it's best light for resale.  Statistics show homes that are staged for sale generally sell faster and for more money than those that aren't (a little tidbit for you ;) !)

In the city this has become a common practice to help set your home apart from the competition and is becoming more popular in rural areas as well. 

The decorator/stager comes and helps you rearrange your furniture, artwork, accessories, etc. so your home flows better and looks it's best.  They also often make recommendation for paint colours or new flooring if they think it will help increase the sellability of your home.

DSC 0304 How to Make Your Listing Look Like a Million

A coat of paint, editing out a few pieces and bringing some from other rooms totally transformed this room. 

DSC 0281 How to Make Your Listing Look Like a Million

Not for resale staging, or "stayging" as I've dubbed it (haha, I'm so clever), is also becoming very popular. Why wait till you're leaving to have your home looking it's best.
If you have lots of nice stuff already but you're struggling with how to arrange your room to look it's best or if new stuff isn't in the budget yet, this is a really great option!

The decorator comes to your home and often in two or three hours time you have a room or two staged. Plus they will usually leave you with some recommendations for down the road improvements or purchases, such as paint colours, if requested! The best part is you use all of your own stuff, so it's a very quick and inexpensive way to get the most out of what you have.

If you're selling and need some help or want your home looking it's best for all those holiday guest but don't want to spend all your Christmas budget to get it in shape, staging may be the answer for you! 

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